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Oregon Cycling and Surfing September 2007-2014
Cycling and Surfing 14-18 September 2005
Practice ride report 08/27-28 and 9/1-2
Updated 07/13/15
Parking the car to make the world safer.
On Sept. 14 2005, about 10AM I left Creswell with a 9'4" surfboard in tow headed for Newport (Otter Rock) and other surf spots. I took Hwy. 99 to Springfield, North Bank bike path, Fern Ridge path, Royal Ave., Fir Butte Rd., Clear Lake Rd., where a photographer from the Eugene Register Guard took photos of my setup for a story, and Alvadore Rd. . At the end of Alvadore Road I turned west on High Pass Rd. for about a mile to a gravel road northbound which connected to paved Hurlbert Lake Rd. to Hwy 99W and Monroe.
8'2" board on a long Blue Sky Cart behind a Kettler Cycle at Newport Oregon Harbor
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For those who think it takes too much time to travel by bicycle consider the following. If the average American spends 20% of their income on motorized transport selling the car would allow 40 days less work each year.
I ate at the Monroe Chat & Chew and slept in the park just south of town. A granola bar and water for breakfast and off to Philomath via 99W, Alpine cut off, and beautiful but hilly Bellfountain Rd., Lunch in Philomath and onto busy narrow, curvy (does anyone on the Highway Commission ride a bicycle? 55MPH speed limit!!) Hwy 20 to Burnt Woods, dinner at the Country Cafe and camping at pleasant Fir Crest Campground. trike rack
The Woody Trike, a 10'6" Pope Bananna board is loaded on morticed wood surfboard rack attached to an ICE adventure FS recumbent tricycle in 2014 at Beverly Beach on the Oregon Coast. A more comfortable solution for carrying the board, a longer board can be hauled. The rack has been modified to transport in two pieces. Youtube mounting the rack.

Kettler cycle from WheelWorks, Eugene

Traditional cycling capes from C.A.T

Unique Cycle locks from Trelock
A granola bar for breakfast and on to Newport South Beach Park via Hwy 20, Toledo business 20, restful North Bank Road, Hwy 101. Camped and surfed at South Beach and next day up to Ossies Surf Shop, Otter Rock surfing, and Beverly Beach Park camping. 130 miles to South Beach 3 days traveling about 6 hours a day, approx. 45 miles a day. The hills are hard on the arms, I may try a waist harness to pull on the trailer.
Rides to Inspire

One meets interesting people and sees the hidden when traveling by bicycle.

The "Neutral" Electric Cart is finally assembled for testing.

Surfing should be a environmentally benign sport but when we travel with motorized vehicles it is not, after this trip I see no reason anyone living within ten miles of the ocean should drive a car to surf.

My velomobile project, the ultimate in Human powered transport.


Surfrider Foundation Protecting the Water