Unions won us weekends and vacations to do this, support them The Ride to Ride
Interesting People and Hidden Places
Parking the car to make the world safer.

To the left is an unusual sculpture garden on Alvadore Road and on the right a nearly hidden sign along Bellfountain Rd. marking the location of the Belknap Settlement and Simpson Chapel of the 1850's.

On Hwy 20 a kind lady stopped to ask if I needed help while I was kneeling by the bike to find lip balm. I could use some water so she invited me to stop by her place a few miles down the road. I drank lots of water with lemon while we discussed horses, goats, religion, sailing, cycling, and treatment of the disadvantaged. I enjoyed very much the sharing of her life's experiences with me. I remember her as 'goat lady" because she was attempting to civilize her new guest goat which was nibbling on every plant in reach.
At South Beach Park I met a man and his son cycling from Corvallis to Reedsport and Smith River Rd.. Three young men were cycling from Portland to SanFrancisco. A lone man cycling from the San Juan Islands to Costa Rica, he was quite interested in my trailer because he planned to get a surfboard in So. Cal but was not sure how to carry it. He has traveled all over the US by bicycle and bus, using the bus to transit unpleasant metropolitan areas and working as a bartendender when he needed to replenish his finances. Unlike the other riders neither he or I were in a big hurry to get on the road, we took time to enjoy the park and visit. www.ridetoride.net

In Beverly Beach park I met a man in his mid 60's from Utah taking his 15th September ride from Portland to San francisco via 101/1, he likes the coast so he felt he did not need to travel anywhere else. Two other men were traveling Portland to California and for the time all three were traveling together for companionship.