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The rear wheel slips easily on the wet grass, I start like a steam locomotive.

after burner engaged? I do have nitro but I can't get airborne

A hill too steep, drive wheel spins on the gravel

Decoated as a fish for Eugene Celebration Parade in support of McKenzie River Trust

Nose cone light mount designed to accept handle bar light clamps.

Nose cone light.

Velo in a Ford Transit Van

90mm (mountain brake) 1/4" brace fabricated to mount brake

Trailer rack to carry two velos.

Bungee for clothes drying

Hair band attached to cable to hold steering column up, also good for short hops, just leave it hooked.

Handle bar extensions on both sides tube in tube riveted

Leather arm rests cemented in place to avoid burning and rash on the bare aluminum.

Anti rotation hitch modification

self actuated trailer brakes

Hauling trash and recycling, automatic brakes.

Self actuated trailer brake mechanism.

Trailer rails mounted on Yakima rack

Happy to be in a velomobile and not on a bicycle.

Good to have Kask helmet with drop down face shield.

Manual Horn can quickly sound it by pulling against my belly.

Return idler bracket from Bill Maguire, reduced noise.

Padded Travel Cover

Racoon River Trail Iowa camping gear for three day trip

Rapid City South Dakota 104 deg. F.

Cygolite and custom mount

Tiller Lock

Towing a Shelter

Seat repair & reinforcement