Burl Bio

I grew up in the Half Moon Bay area of California and began working with wood, as a carpenter in 1970. At about the same time I began collecting highly figured wood from my travels.

I believe that Nature has provided us with this treasured wood for our enjoyment, yet I always strive for sustainability. I choose ethically salvaged highly figured Redwood burl (left behind by loggers as long as 100 years ago) from the ancient Redwood groves of the Northern California coast.

My friends and clients are very pleased with the beautiful natural edge Redwood tables, wild wall hangings, benches and Altars I create.

I also create custom state of the art laser engraved Redwood coasters and magnets, with attention to detail and quality.

Mark Rovan  (831) 419-6100   eMail  seersurfer@gmail.com Instagram wild_wall_hangings